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1. I am interested in joining the unit.  What do I need to do?

Fill out the information on the Join Us page. You will be contacted in order to get additional information.


2. I want to get my gear together.  What do I need to get started?

This is based on your time and expenses. There are many places to buy gear. We have compiled a basic equipment list that will provide those items to get started.  From there, you can add various other pieces as you see fit.  We have a basic listing on the website and we have a more detailed listing in our new members package. As a word of caution, unless you are absolutely certain the item(s) you are buying is WW2, please ask for guidance.  Not all venders are honest.  The Research Page has a list of good vendors to start with.


3. I have all of the basic gear but I do not have a rifle.  What do I do?

We have a limited number of loaner weapons that new members are welcome to use at events.  All we ask is that you are safe with them, clean them and pay for any replacement for damage. Ultimately you will need to buy your own weapon, an M1 Garand. The Research Page has a list of good vendors to start with.


4. Where can I get .. ?

Ebay, flea markets, various venders whom we can recommend and well as who we can suggest you stay away from as well as members within the group. Quite often, venders set up at events and sell nothing but WW2 gear. We will assign a regional 29er to assist you and help you with purchasing the correct gear. The Research Page has a list of good vendors to start with.


5. Why do you do the 29th Infantry Division?

The 29th Infantry Division re-enactment group was started in 1974 and is THE old unit in the hobby of WW2 re-enacting. The original members who started the group were from MD and VA just as were the real 29th.  There is a strong sense of pride within the group and only people who share that feeling of being a part of the largest and best group in the hobby should join.


6. What unit in the 29th do you portray?

There were 3 Infantry regiments in the 29th Division: the 115th from Maryland, the 116th from Virginia, and the 175th from Baltimore. The various Field Artillery, Medical, Military Police, and Engineer units were also headquartered in the 2 states.  With the wartime expansion via the draft replacements came from all 48 states.  We do not make you choose a particular unit from within the division. In fact you donít need to choose one at all. We are all 29ers and we wear the patch on most everything: Including painting it on our helmets.  In this unit, we are all Infantryman.


7. What is the age requirement to join the unit?

An individual member needs to be at least 18 years of age to carry a rifle in most reenactments. Consideration may be made for a member younger than 18, but not younger than 16, under certain circumstances, such as if a father, brother, or legal guardian is in the unit, as long as he can exhibit a certain degree of maturity. This is not set in stone and is not guaranteed.


8. What types of events do you do?

Parades, public displays, re-enactments, Veterans events, wreath laying ceremonies, funerals, whatever we have the chance to show the 29th patch, we will be there. Viset our Events Page for a list of upcoming events.


9. Can I be a member of the 29th and still be in other units?

Yes. As long as you attend one event a year as a 29er, we will keep you on the roster.


10. What part of the country does the 29th do most of their events?

Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


11. What are the expectations of our membership?

We expect you to buy your own gear and get outfitted with the correct, basic gear. You will need to buy a weapon or work with the crew served weapons. We will give you all of the guidance to be a 29er.  We will provide you with much information that you will need to read and be able to remember.  We are not trying to make you into a real soldier.  We expect you to attend one event a year and to communicate when you canít. We want to know that you are alive if we donít see you.  This unit is a democracy of sorts.  Every man has an equal say in what we do. You tell the NCOs and we do it.


12. Are there any dues for the unit?

Yes, there are dues. Dues are $40 per year. This is to cover the cost of insurance for the unit, as well as help pay for some of the events that we run personally as a unit.


13. What about rank?

All members start out as Privates. If you want rank, look to join another unit. Rank is a responsibility. Our NCOs are dedicated members who do many hours of work behind the scene to ensure the unit is organized.  If the only shirt or jacket you can find to fit you has Sergeants stripes on it, take them off. If you are concerned about ruining an original piece of history, perhaps you shouldnít wear it in the first place.   







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