The listed uniforms and equipment are the essentials required for the basic impression.  This may seem like a lot of equipment and uniforms, and it is.  But it is the basic kit of what the soldier would have had issued to him. 

If you are new to this hobby, do you need to go out and buy everything for your first event? No, however, you need to have the basic field items, which would be the OD wool uniform, boots, leggings, jacket, web gear, rifle, and helmet.  (Items marked with an *.)  You can acquire the other things as you find them.

When buying WWII items, it is best to buy items dated towards the early part of the war. By doing this, you donít need to do double buying.  That is, you donít need to buy early war items and late war items.  You can use early war items no matter which war-year you are depicting.  However, you can not use late war (e.g., M-1945 pattern gear and/or color) for an early war impression.