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The 29th Division World War II Living History Company is always seeking motivated, enthusiastic members.

Whether you are new to WWII reenacting, or have some experience with another group or branch of the hobby, the 29th Division could be the group for you.

We are one of the largest groups in the hobby, and one of oldest, made of over 80+ of the finest individuals you will ever meet.  As with the 29th during WWII, most of our unit is drawn from the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and D.C. area.

New members have many questions. Please go to our “Frequently Asked Questions” section to answer many of them.

The first question you likely will ask is, “so what happens after I join?” Depending on where you live, you will be assigned to a regional point of contact.  They will fill you in on what our requirements are for uniforms and equipment, the type of events we do, and what participating in the hobby will likely cost you.

The historical military impression is not only a question of having the right clothing and equipment, but of proper attitude and conduct.  The clothes and equipment do not make the soldier, how you wear them, and conduct yourself does. 

You are representing a soldier, so be prepared to act like one! You will become well versed in the period military customs and courtesies, and use them. You will become familiar with your equipment, how to pack it, wear it, and display it. You will be aware of the types of uniforms and the proper method of wearing them, so you do not look like a “civilian in surplus clothing."

You will also become familiar with your weapon, its nomenclature, and how to field strip it.  You will learn the basics of close order drill and the manual of arms for the period. In short you will become familiar with all the basic skills that a soldier of the period would know and be able to apply them.  To do any less is a disservice to the public we are trying to educate and the veteran we are representing. The result of doing it right is that this unit has become a closely-knit crew.  Having fun is the end result.

So if you are interested in the purposes of our group, please provide the following information to the company clerk at 29th.id.lhu@gmail.com.  Feel free to ask any questions you want about joining one of the best G.I. reenacting groups anywhere.


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