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The 29th Division World War II Reenactors Organization is based on the east coast and the south of the United States, with members from a variety of States, but the majority of our members are located in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The principles and objectives of our organization are straightforward and simple. We seek, by our participation in living history, tactical and educational events to accomplish the following organizational objectives:

To as accurately portray infantry companies of the World War II 29th Division. Our members will only utilize appropriate uniforms and equipment, and proper demeanor, to provide the best possible portrayal of the WWII infantryman of the 29th Division.

To participate as an effective means to both educate the public about the 29th Division specifically and U.S. infantry in WWII generally, as well as to be the active guardians of the memory of the 29th Division of 1941-1945.

To educate ourselves about our history. We seek to learn as much WWII history as possible from not only available materials, but from the best available sources we know of - the 29th Division veterans.

To create a positive, fun and learning atmosphere for our members . This is a hobby, not a job.


Thank you for visiting our web site. We would like to make the visitors to our site aware that, unfortunately, we are unable to answer questions or provide information regarding the whereabouts or personal details of those who served with the 29th Infantry Division during World War II, or any serving GI from that or any other period. If you are trying to trace relatives, friends or former buddies or for any inquiries about any member of the 29th during World War II or any other time period, go to the following website and go to the DISCUSSIONS section: http://www.29divisionassociation.org/.

We are sorry that we are unable to help in any such inquiries. Again, we thank you for visiting our site and for trying to keep the history of the 29th Infantry Division alive.



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