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Topics of Interest Concerning the 29th Division, WWII Infantry and Related Topics (Many of which have been compiled by our members, others are on referenced sites).


 History Books Specific to the U.S. 29th Division of World War I

History of the Twenty-ninth Division, "Blue and gray," 1917-1919 (Free Download)

The 29th Division in the Cotes de Meuse 1918


 History Books Specific to the U.S. 29th Division of World War II

Beyond The Beachhead

The Clay Pigeons of St. Lo

The Bedford Boys

Omaha Beach: D-Day, June 6, 1944

The Battle of the Hedgerows: Bradley's First Army in Normandy, June-July 1944

From Beachhead to Brittany: The 29th Infantry Division at Brest, August-September 1944

Americans in Brittany 1944: The Battle for Brest

From Brittany to the Reich: The 29th Infantry Division in Germany, September - November 1944

Our Tortured Souls: The 29th Infantry Division in the Rhineland, November - December 1944

The Last Roll Call: The 29th Infantry Division Victorious, 1945

29 Let's Go - A History of the 29th Division in World War II

War Correspondent: From D-Day to the Elbe

U.S. Infantry Weapons of World War II

Spearheading D-Day

Government Issue - U.S. Army ETO Collector's Guide


 History Articles Specific to the U.S. 29th Division

Hardened In Two World Wars, 29th Infantry Division Faces Bright Future As 'Light' Force, By Joseph Balkoski in the June 1991 issue of the Freestate Guardian.


 Uniform & Equipment

29th Division Insignia

WWII Army Regulations on Dogtags

WWII Serial Numbers

Ribbons Bars - Decorations and Awards

WWII Army, Insignia Placement on 4 Pocket Blouse & Cap

WWII Army Regulations for Marking Clothing and Equipment

Marking of Clothing

WWII Army Footwear

U.S. Army WWII Gasmasks

Footlocker Gear - An Example of Proper Layout

What To Buy

Dating the M-1 Steel Helmet

Dating the M1917 (Kelly & Brodie) Helmet

Dating WWII Uniforms and Equipment

G.I. Papers, Forms, I.D., etc.

TM 9-575 Auxiliary Fire-Control Instruments (Field Glasses, Eyeglasses, Telescopes, and Watches)



CMP M1 Garand Manual

FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, 1940

FM 23-6 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1917, 1942

FM 23-7 U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1, 1942

FM 23-10 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1903, 1940

TM 9-270 U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1903A4 (Sniper's)Characteristics and Operation; and use of Telescopic Sight

FM 23-15 Browning Automatic Rifle, Caliber .30, M1918A2

FM 23-25 Bayonet

Bayonet Identification Guide

FM 23-30 Hand and Rifle Grenades, Rocket, AT, HE, 2.36-Inch

FM 23-35 Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 AND M1911A1

TM 9-285 Shotguns, All Types

TM 9-1900 Ammunition, General 1942

TM 9-1900 Ammunition, General 1945

TM 9-2005 Ordnance Materiel - General Volume 3 Infantry and Cavalry Accompanying Weapons Field Artillery

Though this is from 1952, it is an interesting parallel to WWII: Use of Infantry Weapons and Equipment in Korea - 1952



Alan’s Brief History of Military Vehicles, a good overview with some great pictures

FM 30-40 1943: Recognition Pictorial Manual on Armored Vehicles

TM9_803_1944 1/4-TON 4x4 TRUCK (WILLYS MB & FORD GPW) (Jeep)

TM 9-808 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck (Dodge)

TM 9-801 Truck 2.5 Ton, 6x6 GMC CCKW-352 & 353

TM 9-802 Truck, Amphibian, 2 1/2 Ton, 6 X 6 GMC DUKW-353, 1942

TM 9-821 2.5 Ton 4 x 2 Truck (Federal)

TM 9-834 Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment

TM 9-705 Scout Car M3A1

TM 9-740 Armored Car T17

TM 9-741 Medium Armored Car T17E1

TM 9-707 Basic Half-Track Vehicles (IHC) (Personnel Carrier M5, Car M9A1, Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M14, And Similar IHC Vehicles)

TM 9-710 Basic Half-Track Vehicles (White, Autocar, and Diamond T)

TM 9-726 Light Tank M3

TM 9-759 Medium Tank M4A3

TM 9-721 Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1

TM 9-731G 3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10A1



Basic Hand Signals

World War II – Radio Communications

FM 24-9 Combined United States-British Radiotelephone (R/T) Procedure, 1942

The Radio Procedure Card


Basic Signal Communication: Field Wire Line Construction

The Field Wire Splice

Field Wire Ties

Field Telephone, EE 8-A

TM 11-235 (BC-611) Radio Sets SCR-536, MAY 1945



Recruit Binder - Unit Handbook

Manual of Arms - Video

DA-PAM 21-9 Physical Conditioning, 1944

DA-PAM 21-13, 1944, Army Life

Army Life For The Living Historian (Different Document Than DA-PAM 21-13)

FM 5-15 Field Fortifications (1940)

FM 5-15 Field Fortifications (1944)

FM 5-20 Camouflage, Basic Principles, 1944

FM 5-20A Camouflage of Individuals and Infantry Weapons

FM 5-20B Camouflage of Vehicles

FM 5-20C Camouflage of Bivouacs, Command Posts, Supply Points, and Medical Installations

FM 5-20D Camouflage of Field Artillery

FM 7-5 Organization And Tactics Of Infantry

FM 7-5 The Rifle Battalion

FM 7-10 Rifle Company Manual

FM 7-15 Heavy Weapons Company

FM 7-20 Infantry Battalion

FM 7-25 HQ Company Rifle Regiment

FM 7-30 Supply And Evacuation

FM 7-35 Antitank Company And Platoon

FM 7-37 Cannon Company – Rifle Regiment

FM 7-40 Rifle Regiment

FM 17-5 Armored Force Drill

FM 17-10 Armored Force Tactics And Techniques

FM 17-20 Employment Of Armored Units Recon Platoon And Co

FM 17-30 Tank Platoon

FM 17-33 The Armored Battalion

FM 21-5 Military Training

FM 21-6 List of Publications for Training, Including Training Films and Film Strips

FM 21-10 Military Sanitation and First Aid

FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-15 Equipment, Clothing, & Tent Pitching

FM 21-20 Physical Training

FM 21-25 Map And Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-26 Advanced Map And Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-30 Military Symbols

FM 21-40 Defense Against Chemical Attack (1940)

FM 21-45 Protective Measures, Individuals and Small Units, 1942

FM 21-75 Scouting Patrolling And Sniping

FM 21-100 The Soldier's Handbook, 1941

FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations, 1941

FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations

FM 27-10 Rules Of Land Warfare

FM 31-30 Basic Field Manual – Tactics and Techniques of Air-Borne Troops, May 20 1942

FM 70-15 Operations In Snow And Extreme Cold Weather

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 100-10 Administration

FM 101-5 The Staff Officers Bible - Annotated

TB-GT-70 Rifle Platoon

TM 27-255 Military Justice Procedure, 1945

29th Div Rifle Co Class Notes – Carlisle - 2015-06-27

Cherbourgh And Caen D Day Map – US Army 1944 – Front

Cherbourgh And Caen D Day Map – US Army 1944 - Back

Fall In by The America Legion – Basic Info for the New Recruit

Forming The Company

Ground Combat Doctrine


Minefield and Wire Breaching

The Forward Observer In WWII

The Platoon

TM E30-451 Handbook on German Forces


* Reference Sites


D-Day Documents - 29th Division - 116th Regiment - 1st Battalion - A Company - Group Critique Notes

9th Infantry Division, 39th Regiment, Easy Company (Visit Research Section)

90th ID Library

100th ID (Check their Facebook page too, you DO NOT need a Facebook account)

George Duncan Fact Sheet of WWII

U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum – WW2 Section

U.S. Army War College Library and Archives

World War II Living History & Reenacting Information from Hardscrabble Farm

Hyper War – Hyper Text History of the Second World War

U.S. Army Combined Arms Center – World War II Technical Manuals Library

Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library

Liberated Manuals

World War I, WWI, or "The Great War" (1914- 1918) on Roots Web

Compilation Of Archival Boxes At The 29th Infantry Division Archives


 Supplies & Equipment

At The Front

What Price Glory

World War II Impressions

SM Wholesale

Man the Line

Atlantic Wall Blanks

World War II Dog Tags

World War Two Ration Technologies

Hogan Quartermaster Depot Reproduction K-Rations

VGCA Gun Show, Manassas VA

The Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA

Prairie Flower Leather (M1917 Helmets and Liners)










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