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Topics of Interest Concerning the 29th Division, WWII Infantry and Related Topics (Many of which have been compiled by our members, others are on referenced sites).


 Uniform & Equipment

29th Division Insignia

WWII Army Regulations on Dogtags

WWII Serial Numbers

Ribbons Bars - Decorations and Awards

WWII Army, Insignia Placement on 4 Pocket Blouse & Cap

WWII Army Regulations for Marking Clothing and Equipment

Marking of Clothing

WWII Army Footwear

U.S. Army WWII Gasmasks

Footlocker Gear - An Example of Proper Layout

What To Buy

Dating the M-1 Steel Helmet

Dating WWII Uniforms and Equipment

G.I. Papers, Forms, I.D., etc.



CMP M1 Garand Manual

FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, 1940

Though this is from 1952, it is an interesting parallel to WWII: Use of Infantry Weapons and Equipment in Korea - 1952



Recruit Binder

Unit Handbook

Table of Organization and Equipment of the 29 Infantry Division as structured in 1943

Standard US Infantry Company Structure

Manual of Arms - Video

FM 7-5 Organization And Tactics Of Infantry

FM 7-5 The Rifle Battalion

FM 7-10 Rifle Company Manual

FM 7-15 Heavy Weapons Company

FM 7-20 Infantry Battalion

FM 7-25 HQ Company Rifle Regiment

FM 7-30 Supply And Evacuation

FM 7-35 Antitank Company And Platoon

FM 7-37 Cannon Company – Rifle Regiment

FM 7-40 Rifle Regiment

FM 17-5 Armored Force Drill

FM 17-10 Armored Force Tactics And Techniques

FM 17-20 Employment Of Armored Units Recon Platoon And Co

FM 17-30 Tank Platoon

FM 17-33 The Armored Battalion

FM 21-25 Map And Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-26 Advanced Map And Aerial Photograph Reading

FM 21-30 Military Symbols

FM 21-75 Scouting Patrolling And Sniping

FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations, 1941

FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations

FM 100-5 Operations

FM 100-10 Administration

FM 101-5 The Staff Officers Bible - Annotated

TB-GT-70 Rifle Platoon

29th Ranger Battalion

29th Div Rifle Co Class Notes – Carlisle - 2015-06-27

Army Life

Cherbourgh And Caen D Day Map – US Army 1944 – Front

Cherbourgh And Caen D Day Map – US Army 1944 - Back

Fall In by The America Legion – Basic Info for the New Recruit

Forming The Company

Ground Combat Doctrine


Minefield and Wire Breaching

The Forward Observer In WWII

The Platoon

The Soldier's Handbook, 1941

World War II – Radio Communications


* Reference Sites

90th ID Library

George Duncan Fact Sheet of WWII

U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum – WW2 Section

U.S. Army War College Library and Archives

World War II Living History & Reenacting Information from Hardscrabble Farm


 Supplies & Equipment

At The Front

What Price Glory

World War II Impressions

World War Two Ration Technologies

Hogan Quartermaster Depot Reproduction K-Rations

VGCA Gun Show, Manassas VA

The Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA