Topics of Interest Concerning the 29th Division, WWII Infantry and Related Topics (many of which have been compiled by our members). Click on the flag beside the topic you want to see.
WWII Army Regulations on Dogtags
WWII Serial Numbers
WWII Army, Placement of Insignia on 4-Pocket Blouse
Dating the M-1 Steel Helmet
Dating WWII Uniforms and Equipment
Ribbons Bars - Decorations and Awards
WWII Army Regulations for Marking Clothing and Equipment
Footlocker Gear - An Example of  Proper Lay-out
FM 21-75 Scouting Patrolling and Sniping
CMP M1 Garand Manual
FM 23-5 U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, 1940
U.S. Army War College Library and Archives
FM 7-5 The Rifle Battalion
FM 22-5 Infantry Drill Regulations, 1941
The Soldier's Handbook, 1941
90th ID Library
29th Division Insignia
29th Ranger Battalion
WWII Army Footwear
U.S. Army WWII Gasmasks
The George Duncan Fact Sheet of WWII (fascinating stuff)
Table of Organization and Equipment of the 29 Infantry Division as structured in 1943
Standard US Infantry Company Structure
World War II Living History & Reenacting Information from Hardscrabble Farm